B.N. Aircraft Leasing Ltd. Provides services and support for Britten Norman Islanders Aircraft

Structural Repair and Overhaul

    1. Flight Controls
    2. Doors
    3. Interior Panels and Trim
    4. Cowlings
    5. Fairings
    6. Baffles
    7. Repair to Fairey Nose Undercarriage Fork RDA
    8. Repair to Stringer for Horizontal Stabilizer RDA

Welded Repair

    1. Engine Mounts and Struts
    2. Engine Mount Brackets NB20-7165
    3. Seats
    4. Carb Air Boxes
    5. Exhaust Systems
    6. Carb Heat Shrouds

Sheet Metal Repairs

Wiring Harness Repairs

Interiors  We can repair or replace interior components such as:

    1. Window Surrounds
    2. Door Surrounds
    3. Headliners

Component overhaul

    1. NB45-1031, 1251T100, and 1628T100 Flap Actuators
    2. Fairy and APPH Undercarriage
    3. Heaters
    4. Fuel Selectors.

Repair Approvals

    1. P-RA17-057/D Stringer Repair Horizontal Stabilizer
    2. P-RA16-032 Repair of Flap Actuator
    3. P-RA15-037/D Axle Bracket Repair
    4. P-RA14-061 Control Rod Repair
    5. P-RA13-063 Fairy Nose Fork Bushings

Parts Support

    1. New surplus NB Part numbers
    2. Repaired and Serviceable NB P/N’s at discount prices
    3. Hard to find NB parts
    4. Special fittings and hardware

Exchange Program

    1. Horizontal Stabilizer
    2. Elevator and Trim
    3. Vertical Fin, Rudder and Trim
    4. Flaps Pre and Post Mod 631
    5. Flap and Aileron Bell Cranks
    6. Composite Doors
    7. Rudder Pedal Assemblies
    8. Engine Control Quadrant Assy
    9. Propellers, Instruments and more.
    10. Control Tubes

Loaner Program

    1. APPH Landing Gear


    1. Larger Baggage Door (STC SA04-16)
    2. Replacement Engine Instrument system (STC SA10-79)
    3. Replacement Fuel Quantity System (STC SA10-79)
    4. Replacement Flap Position, Ammeter and Voltmeter (STC SA10-79)
    5. Replacement Pitot Tube Installation (STC SA06-49)
    6. Replacement Elevator Trim Actuator (STC SA16-107)
    7. Replacement Fuel Valve Assembly (STC SA18-33)
    8. Extra window Mod.

Heater Press Decay

Pitot Stat Testing

Weight & Balance